About Me

Alan is a Life Coach who has built up his career purely on reputation. He passionately dedicates himself to his clients and attendees at his seminars to ensure they get results.

One thing is for sure. Alan will give you every inch of his being to help you achieve the life you desire.


I admire your outlook on life and how to approach it’s challenges in order to overcome them.


Your enthusiasm is infectious. You explain things in an interesting and simple way without patronising your audience.

Thank you for being patient and non-judgemental with me.”

“Want to find a way to improve your life? Alan is Great!!

initially i was skeptical but as always willing to try and listen.


For years Alan has been researching the power of the mind & he has found no greater way to re-programme


The day that changed Alan’s life forever was the day he realised that our beliefs run our lives…


Alan’s approach to relationships is unique and has proved to be highly successful…


Alan is passionate about education and preparing children for life. To find out more click below.

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